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How much do home security signs deter intrusion in Florence?

August 29, 2022
vivint signage in the front yard next to a black picket fence

Displaying a sign with a security logo near your front door can be essential for numerous home security systems. It warns potential burglars that your home is guarded and that they would be better off finding a more unfortified home to strike. But you would be smart not to put all your trust in a square of cardboard to dseter intrusion in Florence. A well-designed alarm system will also need to contain other tools, like surveillance systems, smart locks, and motion sensors.

Studies show security signs are able to deter intrusions in Florence

Numerous studies confirm that security signs work when looking at ways to deter an intrusion. The reasoning is that the burglar will see the signage and quickly determine that your home isn't worth the hassle. When it comes down to it, why get concerned about cameras and sensors when a intruder can move onto a less protected house in another neighborhood?

Nevertheless, the same reports show that a security sign isn’t the most intimidating burglary deterrent. A well-placed sign mostly discourages amateur thieves, but veteran crooks might want to discover the extent of security that is truly defending your house before deciding on a different target. Other devices, like outdoor video cameras, are more effective at preventing an intrusion.

Additional security devices that deter intrusion in Florence

Although security signs might help deter intrusion sometimes, they should not be relied upon as your only form of protection. Here are some other devices that will elevate the protection of your house:

  • Outdoor security cameras: Installing a security camera below a gutter or directly to the side of the property is more effective than security signs to deter an intrusion in Florence. This is definately true when the security camera uses an indicator light that denotes that it’s on

  • Doorbell security cams: The benefit of a video doorbell is that it’s installed in clear view, beside your front entry point. An experienced thief also will understand that these units connect to your mobile device with an app.

  • Smart locking devices: A smart locking system uses a keypad interface in lieu of a standard keyed lock. These are much harder to pick and a cinch for you to track.

  • Automated lights: The best way to deter a would-be thief is to make it seem like you are home. Arranging various bulbs to illuminate when your exterior video camera notices abnormal activity helps craft this appearance. You can even place your smart lights on a schedule to brighten at set intervals when you're on vacation.

The best deterrent is a Vivint smart home

If you order a Vivint security system, you don’t need to worry about signage and window decals being your chief line of defense. Not only will signage be part of your home’s defense, but you can also get the indoor and outdoor cameras, smart locks, and smart lighting options that make your home more secure. Simply dial (843) 438-7320 or send in the form below to talk with a security specialist.